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DruppyMan ✖️ LCDO.

DruppyMan ✖️ LCDO.

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An energetic and charismatic persona

Based in London, DRUPPYMAN is an Ecuadorian Artist in all senses. From a young age, Asdrubal Emilio Santana Monserrate better known as "DruppyMan","El Druppy"or "Original McDrupp", has been close to Musicians, as His Grandfather used to the Tuba (Sousaphone, Largest and lowest-pitched instruments in the brass family) for the Firefighter Brigade Band in the city of Vinces-Ecuador. His father also a singer sells Guitars and used to bring bands from all over the country. Druppyman grew up listening to Vico C, Tego Calderon, and typical  Cumbia, Bolero, Pasillo, etc, However, the strongest influence on him was Dj Plucky, the Panamanian artist introduced him to the world of Reggae which he was fascinated and started doing his own research to enrich his knowledge. He then  started to sing in his town biggest party "Las Regatas Guayaquil-Vinces", "Forever Discoteque", "Montanita", "Quito Fest" etc.. His parent never knew he was singing around.  They only got to know when neighbor parents told them, He always wanted to have a microphone in his hands to make noise of any kind, He finished university with a degree in "Hospitality and Tourism Management" and a degree as "Professional Tour Guide",then he flew to England and after 10 years,  he decided to finally dedicate his time to music. Only because, he said, "he's not gonna died without having even tried what he always wanted to do, Entertainment, Music. He met some people who told him that he got talent and need to try hard once for all.. Despite not going to a music school he has developed the ability to adapt to rhythms easily and learn over the years meeting many singers and musicians around UK, DRUPPYMAN has been captivating the hearts of fans and audience members across the social media platforms. Get in touch to learn more about his expertise, repertoire, and performances soon

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London, United Kingdom


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